Offer a shadow I.T. amnesty using statushub

Shadow I.T. has not gone away. CIO's globally are still struggling with it. And it's never going to go away. While companies are trying to innovate as hard as possible to generate sales, the pace of the CTO, R&D and the CIO for some inside businesses isn't moving fast enough. The problem with shadow I.T. is enforced visibility. And a single pane of glass operations dashboard is the way to achieve it.

Even Azeroth needs a status page service

A few weeks ago the latest expansion for World of Warcraft launched, 'Legion'. I make no attempt to hide or excuse the fact I play World of Warcraft having done so for the last ten years. I'm an MMO gamer. I love community-involved games, and I love the particular Universe World of Warcraft is set in. I loved the movie, even if the critics didn't. My experience this last week with issues in the game however, I did not love. Neither did other players.